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Rybak Riding Gear & Apparel started producing clothing and marketing it under Biker Club Clothing because much of products geared towards the motorcycle industry is created based on design which is not necessarily derived from rider’s perspective. Other specialty applications followed. 

While designing clothing based on firsthand experience and needs we could not satisfy with conventional designs, we have obtained a number of design patents which speaks to the fact that our designs are truly innovative. We strive to make clothing that meets the needs of our costumer regardless of what one rides and makes them comfortable on the road with emphasis on the fact that clothing must look great on and off the bike. We strive to do this in the most cost effective way possible to avoid overpricing, making sure that the policies we develop are people and environmentally friendly. Prior to distributing to the costumer, all clothing we produce is provided to a team of seasoned riders to test in real everyday scenario and only if the feedback is positive will we put the clothing out. We hope you find exactly what you are looking for. We are sure you will love it.

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Will gladly pay you whatever it costs, never seen anything so accommodating. It feels and looks great on. The denim
looks and feels very nice. Very well thought out Functional lements. The versatility is amazing, cool, very cool jacket.


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This is the most comfortable jacket I ever wore. Looks really – really cool. And all the feature keep me saying: wow!
Wow! Wow! Absolutely love the jacket, but not as much as the Hoodie, LOL


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I don’t ride but after having the jacket on for the photo shoot I really want one. Looks amazing and feels great, really dig the hood and the way it functions, never seen anything like it. All the stuff is really good quality, the T-shirts, the Hoodie, all great stuff!